Tips and Techniques:

Sometimes we have seen projects crammed into a bag, smooshed, and wrinkled. Knowing how much work goes into creating a garment and seeing things in a such a state of disarray, we thought we’d sit down with our fearless leader, Ronda Chaney, and discuss the importance of pressing. Here are Ronda’s top five tips! Good […]

Sustainable Fashion:
Repurposing Garments

In addition to starting from scratch and buying new clothing, repurposing dated, stained, or otherwise unworn clothing is a great way to create new garments for your wardrobe. Many of our students have used the reverse applique technique from Alabama Chanin. This a great project to refashion old T shirts instructions can be found in […]

Sustainable Fashion:
Caring for Your Clothing

Our Department Chair, Ronda Chaney, has spent many years creating exquisite garments from wonderful materials. Here are some of her favorite laundry tips that keep her garments looking fresh and fabulous. Only wash garments if they are dirty. Just because a garment has been worn, does not make it dirty. If there is a stain, […]

Sustainable Fashion:
One Step You Can Take

We’ve already touched briefly on why sustainable fashion matters. In order to build a sustainable wardrobe, it helps to be aware of what you already have. In order to see what you currently have, we recommend cleaning out your closet. We’ve found it it best to remove everything from your closet  and start with a […]

Sustainable Fashion:
Why It Matters

Sustainable fashion is important to the Cañada Fashion Department. Our current contest (open to students enrolled in the 2013-2014 school year) is based on reusing denim. Here are some Fast Facts about American’s fashion habits that we have compiled from the book, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline. Americans […]