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This book looks like an interesting read. This post by Alabama Chanin leads down a rabbit hole of information on the current state of trends in fashion. Pantone compiles color trends after the Fall 2015 shows, showed in mid-February 2015. Be sure to check out the Designer’s Work spaces.

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Enjoy our previous installments of Fashionable Things We Have Found, here. Thoughts about what you are really purchasing when outlet shopping. Cynthia Rowley thinks “There Has Never Been a Better Time” to start a fashion line. A local company is testing ways to reinvigorate shopping malls. “Silicon Valley Has a Fashion Problem,” an article about […]

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The Legion of Honor is welcoming an exhibit of clothing from The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection starting March 14, 2015. This New York Times article on millennials resonates with us. Particularly the quote, “The generation that gave us Occupy Wall Street has embraced its own modes of entrepreneurship, found across the broad spectrum of “creatives,” […]

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We hope you had a wonderful Spring Break. Here is our latest installment of Fashionable Things We Have Found. Enjoy! This debate from the New York Times discussing if clothing is going too casual in “The Casual Couture of the Average American”. There are 6 varying points of view to consider. If color is your […]

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Sustainable Fashion Edition

Happy President’s Day holiday. There are so many avenues to explore when it comes to sustainable fashion. Here are a few of the articles we’ve found in our search. Hopefully they inform and inspire. Textile Mills in the US One US manufacturer’s point of view This article isn’t necessarily about sustainability. Perhaps there is no […]

What You Wear

Have you ever thought about what you wear and what it means? Fashion Psychology is a new idea in the industry. Would you consider getting a makeover? Does this interest you as a career option? Check out the article that has us reconsidering our wardrobes.

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Happy New Year! Here are some more fabulous, fashionable things we have found and thought you’d enjoy. A new movie about the construction of the spacesuit is in the works. Here are some interesting tidbits about the story. It is fun to see fresh new designers that are coming out of the Fashion Incubator SF. […]