Catwalk vs. Sidewalk

Usually street style follows runway style and vice versa. However, this season there appears to be almost no agreement between the two. Take a look at both the catwalk and sidewalk trends to decide for yourself which you prefer.

Fashionable Things: Summ19

Here’s what we’ve noticed. What are YOU seeing out there? It’s summer—the perfect time to let body and mind wander. During our travels this season, we’re keeping our eyes open for predicted trends as well as interesting departures. Regional Differences According to travel company Expedia, the top fashion hot spots in the U.S. include Portland, […]

Recommended Reads

Ways to stay sharp over the summer break. It’s June. Time to kick back, enjoy the warm weather and sip iced tea. But many of us also want to tackle some new sewing projects and perhaps pack some knowledge in before the fall semester starts. With that in mind, we took a look at our […]