Instructors’ Happenings

Our instructors are working in the industry as well as educating. Here are some news tidbits on a few of our instructors. Lynda Maynard’s book The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques is continuing to receive great reviews. Wayne Wichern will be speaking at the Henry Art Gallery about the power and authority of bird […]

Honoring Ronda Chaney

Ronda will receive The John & Suanne Rouech Excellence Award from the League for Innovation in the Community College. Along with two other Canada instructors, Doug Hirzel and Sarah Harmon, Ronda will receive the award at conference in Anaheim in March 2014. Ronda said,Ā “I’m honored to be one of the John and Suanne Roueche Excellence […]

Mary Lou Lange

We recently interviewed Mary Lou Lange our Techniques of Fit, Flat Pattern, and Serging instructor. We learned quite a few things and hope you do too! CaƱada Fashion Department (CFD): You have a lot of sewing experience from multiple places: home dec, quilting, apparel, and art clothing. Can you tell us more about that? How […]

Lynda Maynard

We spoke recently with Lynda Maynard who teaches: Lingerie, Pants Drafting, Pants Construction, Copying Ready-to-Wear, Bustier, and French Pattern Drafting. CaƱada Fashion Department (CFD):Ā How long have you been teaching at CaƱada? Lynda Maynard (LM): 8 years. CFD: In addition to teaching CaƱada fashion students, what do you do fashion related? LM:Ā I teach online and at […]

Judy Jackson

Instructor Judy Jackson sat down with us to answer a few questions about her work at CaƱada and beyond. CaƱada Fashion Department (CFD): What do you enjoy about teaching? Judy Jackson (JJ): I love being able to share what I know with students, to be able to see them progress in their skills, and get […]

Peggy Perruccio

If you have spent much time around the Fashion Department, you know Peggy is Ronda’s right-hand woman. Peggy is responsible for preparing many of the sample materials used in classes, assisting students on their projects, teaching Beginning Clothing Construction in the summer session, and much, much more. We are pleased to announce that today Peggy […]