When times get tough, the tough get sewing!

Dear Gwendolyn,

Everything feels so crazy right now. Classes are cancelled, the news seems worse every day and, with everybody staying close to home, my family is starting to drive me nuts! I am literally freaking out. What can I do?! Help!!

Rattled in Redwood City

Dear Rattled,

Your feelings are completely understandable, and you’re not alone. Everyone is feeling on-edge these days. Why not do what I do in times of stress and turn to your favorite pastime: sewing?! Experts say sewing is a great way to create a sense of calm and well-being. But we knew that already, didn’t we?

You know that feeling when you’re completely lost in a project? You forget to eat, sleep, and all worries are far from view? Find that feeling again by diving into a fun project. Don’t worry if it’s challenging enough or the next project on your to-sew list. Pick something that just sounds fun! A simple dirndl skirt made in a fun print, or a new set of pillowcases could be just the trick. Anything at all!

Consider sewing by hand instead of with a machine. The act of threading a needle and stitching rhythmically and methodically can be very meditative. Why not take your project one stitch at a time, while listening to your favorite podcast, audio book or Pandora station?

Another fun place to start is your pattern stash. Go through those oldies but goodies and see what you find. Perhaps you have a pattern you’d completely forgotten about. You may see it in a whole new light now, made up in a different fabric or with a different pocket or collar. Pull it out and have fun with it!

If you don’t feel like sewing, consider sketching some fun designs. They could be from your imagination, a magazine or an old movie. Again, don’t worry about perfection. Just draw for yourself and have fun!

And speaking of movies, so many classic films have great clothes! Let the world go by while you get lost in another. Anything starring Audrey Hepburn, Joan Crawford or Lauren Bacall is sure to please the fashion-conscious eye. Or watch a historical drama just for the costumes! Here are a few must-see movies for fashion.

Whatever you do, give yourself time to breathe and enjoy an activity you love. By doing so you’ll get through this tough time and maybe even have something lovely to show for it when it’s all over!

Yours in Sewing,

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  • Appropriate ideas for fashionistas who are in this
    present health crisis with the entire population
    this article is a welcome reminder of a favorite
    diversion. Thank you.

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