Michelle Djack rocks her new future as it unfolds.

Three years ago, Michelle Djack thought she would have a PhD in Political Science by now. Moving to Monterey, California from Cameroon, she enrolled in the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. But “The program wasn’t what I expected,” Michelle explains. Today she is rocking her new future as a creative practitioner of fashion.

Poet Robert Burns is widely quoted as saying, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” For many an unexpected detour of the type and magnitude Michelle experienced—especially in a new country—could be utterly derailing. But Michelle adapted as necessary and is excelling on her new path. When asked what her current plan is, she says “My plan is to not have a plan.” That’s not to say Michelle is an observer of her own destiny—far from it.

Since she began her studies at Cañada three years ago, Michelle has acquired more skills in English and delved deeply into fashion. “My favorite teacher is Ronda, of course,” Michelle divulges. “She makes you feel comfortable and that you don’t have to worry that you’ve done something wrong. She’s always ready to help.”

Growing up, Michelle’s mother worked as a seamstress, but Michelle says she, herself, never felt drawn to sewing. Instead she loved to draw her mother’s designs as well as those from her own imagination. Sometimes her mother would create Michelle’s designs, making her dreams a reality. Today she can make her designs herself, employing the construction skills she has learned in the fashion program.

After high school Michelle began modeling throughout Africa and in Europe, including at Paris Fashion Week. This experience provided another window into the world of fashion. She saw that it was a tough business as well as a thrilling one. “Not everyone is interested in helping you,” she observed, and the hiring process was not always fair. Nevertheless the success she found lead her to explore fashion more deeply, for which we are very grateful!

Michelle acknowledges that fashion and political science intersect and that she, as an expert in both, may be able to make a career at precisely that juncture. How will her future unfold? The suspense is killing us!

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