Fashion predictions from the experts

“Hindsight is 20/20,” or so the adage goes. But when you’re in the forecasting business, your foresight needs to be just as keen. Here is what the fashion pundits are saying about 2020, beginning with this spring.


In the short term, the fashion pros are predicting puffy sleeves, lots of pleats and polka-dots aplenty.

Beginning in the spring and continuing well into the year, the same experts say precision and detail will outstrip the comfort-above-all creed. Lots of pockets add interest and function to the tailored trend.

Going Halfsies
Another fun trend for 2020 is the “half and half” look. Didn’t we used to call this color blocking?

And for Les Hommes ...
Bright colors—including goldenrod, melon and aqua as seen below—have made their bold and beautiful entrance on the runways. Will the man on the street pick up on this trend or shy away from it in favor of boring old black and grey? Here’s hoping for the former.

If a head-to-toe statement like these is too much for you guys out there, try a bright accessory or shoe as seen in this spring look by Lanvin:

Dip a toe into the flashier color trend with just a violet shoe. A tangerine hoodie adds another punch up top.

If you’re already down for brighter colors and still want more, take it the next step and play with prints. Match top and bottom, or see how far you can go mixing your prints. These designers weren’t afraid to push the print trend as far as it could go.


The fall collections haven’t yet hit the runways. (Stay tuned for all the big Fashion Weeks next month. Find schedules here.) However, Pre-Fall shows have already taken place and with them came a hint at trends for the latter part of the year. Here’s what we noticed:

Black Leather
Whether leather or pleather, we saw it in black on nearly every runway. One easy way to incorporate this trend: accessories like black gloves.

Precision tailoring continues into the colder months with menswear-inspired fabrics and cuts for women.

Partow, Pre-fall 2020

What are your 2020 fashion predictions? Please share in the comments.