Farewell, jingle bell frock. Hello, winter wonderlook!

The winter holidays are upon us and, with them, the pressure to look good at a variety of festivities: from the annual office party to a friend’s cocktail soirée. But dressing for the holidays can be a source of creativity rather than stress, if you give your winter wardrobe the forethought it deserves.

Color: Beyond Red & Green
This year challenge yourself to go beyond the obvious. While others return to their red and green stand-bys, choose a stand-out look in a heavenly blue or Three King-worthy purple.

You’re in Luxe!
Luxurious velvet has a way of making the wearer feel both elegant and cozy. One way to change things up is to mix a sumptuous velvet piece with something more casual. For example, wear a velvet top with jeans. That way you’ll feel beautiful but not overdressed. Consider black—rather than blue—denim to keep the look refined enough for a slightly more formal venue.

Silver & Gold
You can’t go wrong with metallics during the holidays. Wearing a little silver, gold, bronze or copper, will bring some much-needed glimmer to these otherwise dreary days.

When in Doubt
The LBD (little black dress) will always be your BFF … as long as it’s not too little.

[Photos: Fashion Trend Walk]

What do you plan to wear this holiday season? Anything me-made you care to share? Please tell us in the comments and post pics on our Facebook page.

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