Fashionistas are leaping for leopard, but is this trend really new?

It’s fall 2019 and leopard is everywhere. Have you noticed? On runways, talk shows and in tonier downtowns, it’s leopard, leopard, leopard! Last fall Verily Magazine declared leopard “the new neutral,” arguing that it “works with nearly any color, print, or pattern.” We’ve been saying this for years. (At last the fashion world has caught up with Cañada College!)

[Photo: Instagram, @mychicagokitchen]

After noticing this love of leopard rearing its silky, spotted head once again, we decided to train our instincts on discovering just how long the obsession with this particular animal print has been going on. Would you believe more than 300 years?!

Let’s travel backwards from this season …

Paco Rabanne showed this and other fierce leopard looks in the Fall 2019 collection. [Photo: lofficielusa]
The 1980s saw leopard come back in a big way, sparked by celebrities like singer Debbie Harry, a.k.a. “Blondie.”
This daring and eye-grabbing Dior collection dates to 1960.
Hollywood actress Carole Lombard, 1934
This 18th century painting surprises the modern eye with a gentleman sporting leopard breeches.

So if you’ve got a long-forgotten leopard piece at the back of your closet, coax it out. And if you added something of the leopard variety to your wardrobe recently, hang onto it after this season. Based on leopard’s track record so far, that piece will be purrrfectly in style long into the future.

What do you think of leopard print? Is it the best way to make a bold fashion statement or just another neutral? Are you glad to see it making a comeback, or would you just as soon see it creep back into the jungle? Let us know in the comments.