Students make no bones about their accomplishment.

According to fashion source, a bustier (pronounced “boo·stee·ei“) is “a type of lingerie … with a flexible boned structure, which originated from the corset. It hugs the torso tightly, hitting the waist and gives structure forming a bra at the bust.”

The bustier is much more than a lingerie item, however. It’s actually a surprisingly versatile garment and a useful piece in any woman’s wardrobe.

Our fall Bustier class just wrapped up, and the results were impressive as always. Below our incredible students model their final projects:

Thi says making a bustier “wasn’t hard, but there were lots of steps!” She notes that four layers of fabric are involved.

Eva, a Cañada student and accomplished costumer says, “This class introduced me to several materials I’d never [used] before like coutil and metal spiral boning. It was really fun!” Sally-Ann agrees: “It was a very fun class with a good group of ladies. I was very pleased with the result, which I can wear with jeans and a blazer, and it looks fabulous.”

The Bustier class, taught by Lynda Maynard, will be offered again next fall.