Test your coat quotient

Winter is fast approaching. Do you know your anorak from a parka? Take our quiz to see if you’re ready to face the colder temps in style.

QI: What is the difference between a coat and a jacket?

  1. There is no difference. The terms are interchangeable.
  2. Coats are generally worn as outerwear. Jackets are appropriate indoors or out.
  3. Coats are more expensive than jackets.
  4. Jackets are shorter than coats.
  5. Both 2. and 4.

QII: What is the following?

  1. a coat
  2. a jacket
  3. neither
  4. both

QIII: What is the name of the garment below?

Photo: Coldwater Creek
  1. a parka
  2. an anorak
  3. a peacoat
  4. a trench
  5. none of the above

QIV: What is the following?

Photo: Candice Cooper
  1. a parka
  2. an anorak
  3. a peacoat
  4. a trench
  5. none of the above

QV: What is the correct name for the garment pictured below?

Photo: Fashion Beans
  1. a peacoat
  2. a morning coat
  3. a trench
  4. a double-breasted blazer
  5. These are all correct.
QV 1/2: Five bonus points if you know who this guy is.

QVI: The following is called what?

Photo: Walmart
  1. a blazer
  2. a very short Chanel jacket
  3. a bolero
  4. an opera coat
  5. none of the above

QVII: The coat style below is called what?

  1. an anorak
  2. a trapeze coat
  3. a maternity coat
  4. a swing coat
  5. Either 2. or 4.

QVIII: What is the correct term for the garment pictured below?

Photo: Lyst
  1. a single-breasted peacoat
  2. a sport coat
  3. a blazer
  4. an Armani
  5. both 3. and 4.

QIX: To what type of event should a fashionable woman wear the following coat?

Photo: Depop
  1. a football game
  2. the grocery store
  3. the opera
  4. her ex-husband’s funeral
  5. anywhere she wants to

QX: To what type of event would you take this guy as your date?

Photo: L.L. Bean
  1. A football game
  2. Your ex-husband’s funeral
  3. Whale watching
  4. Who cares? I’d follow him anywhere.

Congratulations! You made it to the end. Check your answers using the key below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer.

QI: 5
QII: 2
QIV: 1
QV: 3 (If you selected 4, subtract 5 points.)
QV 1/2: Humphrey Bogart
QVI: 3 (If you selected 2, subtract 10 points.)
QVIII: 5 (If you selected either 3 or 4, give yourself 5 points.)
QIX: Technically 3 is correct, since this is an example of an opera coat. (If you selected 5, give yourself an additional 5 points.)
QX: 4

QX 1/2—Bonus Question: Can you say “coat quotient” 5 times fast without saying “quote cotient”? If so, give yourself an extra 50 points.


0-20: You need to study up. Consider taking Apparel Analysis, taught by Judy Jackson on Wednesday afternoons this coming spring. (Registration is open!)

21-49: Not too shabby. Give yourself a pat on the back, but keep working on your fashion vocab.

50-79: Impressive! You are one savvy fashionista/o.

80-100: You know your coats and jackets inside and out.

101-150: You are probably a terrible liar, but you’re also hilarious. Let’s hang out sometime!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We are grateful for you and your continued loyalty to the Cañada fashion department.

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