Resources for pulling a great costume together!

The clock is ticking. Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween? Having so many costume choices and only one week left could be sca-a-a-a-ry for some. But you’re a pro; you can do it! We collected some me-made options we like to give you a little boooo-st.

McCall’s has tons of costume patterns, including lots of downloadable Learn to Sew projects that are less time-intensive. Take a look at this fun assortment:

We’re kind of partial to this “Rockabilly Wonder Woman” costume by Simplicity—sassy and fun but still modest. Here it is in two versions and sizes:

Here’s another relatively easy “Rey” from Star Wars costume:
Find a review of this pattern here.

Frequently the “Big 4” pattern companies don’t tell you the name of the character or the movie they’re from. But the photos make it pretty easy to figure out.

The adorable fish costume below can be found on Spoonflower’s site here. While the company would probably prefer you purchase the fabric from them, you could substitute unused yardage or larger scraps from your stash. The info you need is all there!

This precious rainbow costume can also be found at Spoonflower—including all the directions—here.
Forget Fido and he may turn into a werewolf! Find dog costumes on McCall’s site by clicking here.

If a costume feels like too much to sew before the 31st, the situation isn’t as grave as you think. (Pun intended.) Make a fun bag for trick-or-treating instead. Find some fang-tastic patterns from SewNews here, on Pinterest, or use your favorite tote bag pattern and change it up with some orange and black touches.

As in any frightening situation, the important thing is to stay ghoul, I mean cool. What I mean to say is don’t panic. Just take a deep breath and expire. Dang it! I mean, exhale! … Sorry. We’re getting a little batty over here.

Disclaimer: The Cañada College fashion department does not endorse any company or product. Information provided here is for educational purposes only.