Artistry in Fashion features a growing number of alums!

Nearly three years ago, we told you about Naz Saeed and Rubab Huq, who had recently formed their fashion brand Kopolo California. These days it’s clear that Kopolo has taken off! Just looking at their Instagram feed and all the events they’re showing at makes us feel exhausted! All the more reason why we feel lucky that these two star alumnae are coming back to exhibit at Artistry in Fashion this year.

Other students and alums from the department who will be in the show include Christine Groom, Mary Lou Fall and Laura Tran. Learn more about all of these up-and-comers below.

Naz, Ronda and Rubab enjoy a mini-reunion in the department office earlier this year.

[Partial re-print from blog article, February of 2017:]

Laughter comes easily and often to Rubab Huq and Naz Saeed as they discuss their apparel company Kopolo California. The two friends, who met taking fashion courses at Cañada, clearly enjoy each other’s company. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find out they also make great business partners, with skill sets that are a perfect complement to one another.

… Kopolo’s mission is to create sophisticated, stylish, comfortable and affordable clothing for women. … With the knowledge I was getting in school, I understood what makes a line attractive.”

[Naz and Rubab] decided to test this knowledge by participating in Artistry in Fashion last year [2016], the department’s premier event, featuring the work of mostly local designers, all of whom create unique and beautiful things. The two partners agree the event was invaluable to them. Rubab’s assessment: “It was very good to gauge what people really liked about our designs.”

Today Kopolo is poised for Phase II, a gradual ramp-up that will involve larger-scale production. … [end partial reprint from 2017. Find full article here.]

Connect to Kopolo’s Facebook page here.
Find them on Instagram here.

We featured Christine Groom in a blog post early last year, as she was launching her pattern company ZigZag Designs. Christine will have a booth at AIF—this year, partnering with Mary Lou Fall. (More about Mary Lou below.)

Find Christine’s Facebook page here and her Instagram feed here.

Christine with one of her Tammy tops.

See more of Mary Lou Fall’s work on her Sticks-a-gogo Instagram feed here and her website here.

You may remember a recent article we ran about Laura Tran, student and founder of Maker’s Fabric. Laura will be selling at this year’s show. Be sure to catch her booth and ask her about her sustainable fabrics.

Laura Tran’s online store can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 28th!