Evening gown class makes its debut

From pajamas to evening gowns, Cañada’s construction classes now cover it all! And the students are loving it. This week students in the inaugural Evening Gown Construction class, taught by Lynda Maynard, showed their final projects. Take a look!

The key to a successful evening gown is its underpinnings. Students learned how to make a corselette, which ensures that the wearer of a strapless gown like this one looks good and feels confident.
Some students showed their gowns on dress forms, while others modeled their projects, themselves.
Professor Maynard has taught similar classes over her decades-long career, but this was her first time teaching Evening Gown Construction at Cañada.

What does Maynard enjoy about teaching students how to make evening gowns? “I like watching students learn a new approach, something practical they can use,” she answers. And “Students make something they didn’t think they could.” As to this group in particular, she enthuses, “There were a lot of success stories in this class!”

We are wowed by the students’ work. How about you?

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  • The gowns are beautiful and I’m so glad to see that people are interested in doing such challenging sewing projects. Lynda is a wonderful teacher!

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