Students pull together everything they’ve learned

A lot of us would like to take classes at Cañada forever. But eventually many will leave the proverbial nest and go on to design school, university or a career. For these students—as well as those looking to take their small businesses to the next level—Portfolio Development is the perfect class.

A group of students finished the Portfolio course this week, and we were there to see them present their final projects.

Professor Kathleen McCarney goes over the requirements for the presentations, including concept, target customer, design category and fabrics among others.
This student’s creative theme: “Babes Who Brunch”
This student admits her pin-up-influenced collection is designed for somebody just like her. That’s okay. Who knows your target customer better than you?!
Inspirations ranged from Russian winters to tropical escapes. In this case, the student was inspired by Indian street food.
The target customer for this collection is a mysterious socialite who likes to go to fancy parties, where the guests eventually “turn on each other and somebody dies.” What an imagination!

At the end of the class, Professor McCarney was clearly proud of her students. “You’ve all done a fabulous job,” she beamed.

Have you taken the Portfolio Development class? If so, what was your experience like? Please share in the comments.

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  • Great class, great teacher and just the coolest bunch of students. Almost everyone stayed behind 45 mins after class was meant to finish so that everyone got to present their work to an audience.

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