Ways to stay sharp over the summer break.

It’s June. Time to kick back, enjoy the warm weather and sip iced tea. But many of us also want to tackle some new sewing projects and perhaps pack some knowledge in before the fall semester starts. With that in mind, we took a look at our bookshelves and came up with a few recommendations.

Instructor Kathleen Lorist shows a few of her favorite publications to her Beginning Construction class on the last day of spring semester.

Threads Magazine
When it comes to practical tips, broken down into understandable steps, Threads is hard to beat. Want to perfect the lapped zipper or learn new ways to line a vest? Threads has you covered. Besides being fun to read, many issues become references for years to come. One edition I can’t seem to let go of has a great chart with tips on how to get rid of stains—from mud to wine. Threads frequently has subscription promotions. Find the latest one here.

These copies of Threads were full of stickie notes for future reference. We find ourselves coming back to them again and again (hence this “vintage” collection).

Selvedge Magazine
If you’re driven to distraction by a delicious damask or grow lightheaded at the sight of a luscious linen, there’s no better destination for you than Selvedge magazine. Published in the UK, Selvedge has a global perspective with a truly international look and feel. Curious about how African wax prints are made or Japanese shibori? You can learn about both and more in Selvedge. Sign up for their free newsletter or purchase a paper or digital subscription here. You can also sign up for their free newsletter.

Each issue of Selvedge is a feast—no, a smorgasbord—for the eyes!

The Art of Dress
If fashion history makes your clock tick, non-fiction book The Lost Art of Dress by Linda Przybyszewski is a fascinating, in-depth look at our changing relationship with clothing. Przybyszewski, who is a prizewinning sewist as well as an historian, includes lots of intriguing facts in her book. For example, did you know the word fad comes from “for a day” because that’s about the length of time a flashy trend will last?

What summer reads would you recommend to your classmates and friends?

Cañada College fashion department does not endorse any particular product or service. Information provided here is for educational purposes only.