Here’s what we’ve noticed. What are YOU seeing out there?

It’s summer—the perfect time to let body and mind wander. During our travels this season, we’re keeping our eyes open for predicted trends as well as interesting departures.

Regional Differences

According to travel company Expedia, the top fashion hot spots in the U.S. include Portland, Maine; Columbia, Missouri and Charlotte, North Carolina to name a few—not the first cities most of us think of. And take note: At least two sources say Los Angeles beats New York on the style front. The advantage? Small indie brands and a more relaxed attitude.

Miami ranks 8th in the country for best shopping opportunities and style. (Photo: Sassy Daily)

What are the Obama girls wearing?

When their dad was first inaugurated as President of the United States, Malia and Sasha Obama were just little girls. Ten years later they’re all grown up and beautiful, each in her own way.

Note the Secret Service officers in both photos below. Being in the spotlight so much, maybe they need to step up their own style!

What to wear when the entire world is watching? Sasha on the left and Malia on the right—clearly have different answers to that question, in the form of a sophisticated style that is all her own. Harper’s Bazaar wants us to choose whose look we like better. We think they both look perfect!

Going beyond clothing

Whether a Sneaker Head or a New-age Explorer, it helps to home in on your style with the accessories you wear, not just the clothes. Net-a-porter has lots of ideas. Just one thing: Can we please call a scrunchy a scrunchy, not a “hair tie”?

These Johanna Ortiz earrings are recommended for the Art Enthusiast. It seems tassels are experiencing a “long tail” as a fashion trend. (Photo: Net-a-porter)
This leather bucket bag by HEREU is recommended for the New-agey type, but we can see it on someone sporting a classic nautical ensemble as well.
(Photo: Net-a-porter)

Besides the 90s Minimalist of the scrunchy-loving persuasion, other types dreamed up by Net-a-porter include the Social Butterfly, California Girl and Modern Lady. Which type are you? Or do you change your look from day to day? And what guides you more—destination or mood? Please share in the comments.

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