This summer’s swimwear trends

Some might think that bathing suits, as small as they are, leave little room for design details. But if you’re a fashionista, you know otherwise. What color, how high the waistline, or how wide the straps are all choices that can dramatically alter a suit’s visual impact. Each year swimwear designers change things up to draw customers to their brand. We took a deep dive into the fashion world to see what’s fresh this year, and while the critics don’t all agree, here’s what we liked.


High-waisted suits like this two-piece from Peony are hot this year. Peony is also notable for their use of fabrics made from discarded fishing nets and other sustainable innovations.


A belt accentuates the waistline and, if removable, adds versatility to a suit. We saw lots of belted designs for summer 2019.


Rash guards—originally worn only by surfers—are a health-savvy trend this season, providing more coverage for those who sunburn easily.


This may not be a trend (we only saw one), but it sure is clever! A reversible suit like this one from Agua Bendita could be the perfect solution when packing space is tight. Wear the print side one day and solid black the next! Who’s gonna know?

Classics are always on-trend.

Some of us would rather wear the same suit for several years rather than follow swimwear trends each season. Not to worry. The classics are still out there.

This nautical-themed one-piece by Karla Coletto is sexy enough to cause double takes yet modest enough to wear to your in-laws’ pool party.

Whatever you wear this summer—whether coastside or poolside—be comfortable, be safe and have fun!

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