The company and its founder are both shrouded in mystery.

A clandestine interview with an anonymous entrepreneur is not how most of our blog posts start out. But this is not a typical student, who wants to be identified only as “Mason” for this article. Here’s what we learned from him.

CFD: You started your brand SPXRVCY a few years ago, right? Tell us about that journey.

M: I was a graphic designer, copying my own stuff onto clothing. I made a couple of mock things, and all my friends kind of jumped on it. Back in high school I started combining [my designs] with hip-hop culture.

CFD: What kinds of things did you make?

M: Mostly shoes. My friends gave me their shoes and had me do something to them. I added markers and sewed things onto the shoe: collages of random words, phrases and coding, different kinds of images. People picked up on it so quick! I realized fashion can be a very heavy influence. .

CFD: Then you started selling other things, right? Did you make them from scratch?

M: No, I would buy blank hoodies and [embellish them] with rhinestones, lace, crystals and stuff. I like to make things a lot crazier than they normally are.

One of Mason’s embellished hoodies.

CFD: Where does the name SPXRVCY come from … and how do you pronounce it?!

M: I was a big conspiracy theorist in high school. “Spiracy” is not an actual word in the dictionary. I thought it was cool, like it was mysterious and powerful.

CFD: How did you end up at Cañada?

M: I took business [courses] for a year and a half. I switched majors to get an A.A. in design & merchandising. Cañada has a fashion department; I started Fall of 2016.

CFD: What did you take when you first started?

M: I started with Beginning Construction. I thought it was really cool. I was able to learn almost everything about constructing your own clothing … I made track pants, a vest, a shirt and shorts, just modifying the basic patterns. … I liked that there were no books or quizzes; it was all hands-on. I’m a visual person. I can’t listen to lectures all day.

CFD: Did you have to change your set-up for taking fashion classes instead of business?

M: Yeah. I transformed my room. I built a desk, got a sewing machine, needles, thread, … a bunch of stuff. … I put together my office like a work space, a studio.

CFD: You took Illustration, right? Has that helped with designing for SPXRVCY?

M: I can’t paint, but I like graffiti and calligraphy. I took a painting class at Skyline. I would paint the background but draw the detail with finer markers. When I went into fashion, it was almost the same thing.

CFD: What’s next for you and your brand?

M: This is my last semester for the A.A. I just have one more class to take (Visual Merchandising) and it’s an online class. I just turned in my application for my degree.

CFD: Congratulations and keep us posted!

“Mason” recently registered SPXRVCY as an LLC. To learn more about the company and see more designs, go to and follow him on Instagram here.