CFD looks for shades of “Living Coral”

Pantone Color Institute has been selecting a featured Color of the Year (COY) for 20 years now. Designers of all sorts look to Pantone for guidance as to upcoming lines of clothing, accessories, home furnishings and more. Ultimately, however, it is retailers and shoppers who determine whether the officially declared color is adopted in the real world. Did this year’s COY make it into the retail stores and online channels? Here’s what we found.

This year’s COY is Living Coral (#16-1546), a somewhat darker version of the orangey-pink pastel we’re used to. Pantone describes it this way: “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” Some say orange hues in general are energizing and associated with a social, outgoing spirit. If so, this spring will be abuzz with vitality and sparkling conversation!

Coral can be seen this spring at all price points. Here the mid-February edition of Woman’s World magazine features a whole spread about the color and where you can find it.
Target, a lower-price-point retailer, is carrying LOTS of coral this season. Here you can see how the color has been applied in a lighter and darker shade.
Little girls’ clothing is particularly saturated with coral this spring—a refreshing variation from the usual pink. [Photo:]
A basic tunic can be found in Living Coral (pretty much spot on!) at Macy’s, a mid-price-point retailer. [Photo:]
If you think your special guy can carry it off, this $900 number by Kiton is available at Neiman Marcus.
If you’ve outfitted your entire family in coral and still have more dough to throw, head over to Neiman Marcus for this faux coral necklace. (The real stuff can no longer be harvested legally. More info here.)
If you’ve got a closet full of coral and still feel the need to surround yourself with more, home goods can also satisfy your pinkish-orange craving. Here are just a few of the coral throw pillows currently being carried by Target. Or, better yet, make your own! [Photo:]

Have you seeing much coral out there lately? Have you bought anything in coral this season? Please tell us in the comments.

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