Fashion designer Kenneth King has made his mark by being 100% original and by bringing both drama and craftsmanship to his work. King has made a living plying his craft since college and shows no signs of letting up on that sewing machine pedal anytime soon.

One of King’s distinctive couture techniques, composed of “sandwiching” cutwork between two other layers of fabric and then free-hand quilting it with metallic thread.

“[My] pieces have a stylistic unity because of the craft,” King illuminates. He has invented a number of techniques himself and brought others back to the fore that had nearly been forgotten. King uses a technique he calls “leafing” in which he layers smaller pieces of fabric (sometimes in the shape of leaves, hence the name) to create a continuous textile. Leafing allows him to make pieces with no seams or darts! As a result of unusual and painstaking techniques like this, King has noticed his work is very difficult to “knock off.”

Shown here a halter King created using his inventive leafing technique.

He’s learned other important lessons along the way as well. “I learned to focus on the customer,” King reflects. Every piece is tailored for a specific client. “That’s really what couture is.”

This stunner employs a unique combination of smocking, braiding and chainstitch.
“No effort or expense is spared to make an exquisite garment,” explains King.

Though King lives in New York City, you have the opportunity to hear him speak live at Cañada on Friday, February 22 at 7PM. See you in the Main Theater in Building 3! A $10 donation, benefitting our students through the scholarship program, is requested at the door.

Fashion design is truly a science as well as an art. Here King breaks down some of the technical aspects for students.

NOTE: Kenneth King will be teaching a pant drafting workshop through the Sewing Lessons in Redwood City sewing school the same weekend. Register here, or call (650) 229-8739 for more information.

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