A pictorial tribute to his career and impact

By now you’ve heard about the passing of fashion mega-designer Karl Lagerfeld, and many have already honored him in the press. Here is our favorite piece about Lagerfeld’s career, along with our own homage (below) to the fearless designer. These “before and after” images demonstrate the immense impact he had on some of the biggest fashion houses in the world.

Lagerfeld designed for Chloé from 1963-1992. Here you can see how his bold choices and hipper sensibility influenced the brand.

Lagerfeld joined the House of Chanel in 1982. The Chanel brand had a stodgy and outmoded image at the time of his arrival. Today Chanel is more relevant than ever.

Lagerfeld’s time at Fendi began in 1967 and ended this year upon his passing. He brought his signature “intellectual sexiness” to the high-end brand.

We’ll miss you, Karl. As the old song goes, “There will never be another you.”

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  • Love this post and Karl! His biting comments and personal opinions aside, he was a powerhouse in delivering season after season of enviable designs. His genius will be missed but I feel if Virginie is at the helm the fashion house of Chanel it will continue to evolve and inspire. Bisou, bisou!

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