The fashion department at Cañada offers classes for all skill levels, including Beginning Construction. For more advanced students who are ready to adapt existing designs and make them their own, we offer Designer Techniques—a class taught by our in-house expert Ronda Chaney, guest speakers and the students themselves!

Each week one or two students present a favorite sewing technique to their classmates.

Student Sherry asks her classmates if they’ve ever made a garment that wouldn’t fit over their heads. What can you do besides toss it out?
Sherry shows how she makes neck openings in the back of her tops, using a continuous placket finished with bias tape.

Guest speakers enhance the class, demonstrating the kinds of advanced methods they’ve used to make their garments special. This semester we were lucky to have four such guests: Christine Groom, Jennifer Neale, Dorothy Kaplan and Ellen Brook. Each one shared a very different perspective on how sewing brings them joy and how they personalize designs to make them uniquely theirs.

Dorothy Kaplan shows one of many garments she’s made special with her creative techniques.

Here are just a few of the skills you’ll learn when you take Designer Techniques:

Neckline with interlocking loops
Reverse appliqué

What would you teach your classmates in the Designer Techniques class or, if you’ve already taken the class, what skill did you teach? Please share in the comments.

Designer Techniques will be taught again in the fall of 2019.


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