Pattern-designer Peggy Sagers may put her pants on one leg at a time, like the rest of us, but hers are likely to fit better. Founder of Silhouette Patterns, Peggy traveled all the way from Texas to give a pants-fitting presentation to dozens of eager Artistry in Fashion attendees … twice!

As usual for our department, class participation was not hard to draw out of the workshop attendees.

Peggy’s magic formula is “LCD”: Length, Circumference and Depth. She took us through each of these dimensions as she transformed each pant from wonky to wonderful!

Peggy demonstrates her “LCD” principles with help from two of our models.

Here you can see how she fit both a more tailored woven pant and a knit yoga pant during the workshop:

Peggy demonstrates how to add “hip darts” to help a pant drape more smoothly on the body. Of course you do this only on the muslin, then update the pattern before creating the final pant.
Peggy showed how you can apply the same technique to a fuller figure.

If you missed Peggy’s presentation, you can still see her pant-fitting tips in this video. Or, if you were there and want to learn more from Peggy, subscribe to her Youtube channel here.

Thank you to department assistant Holly Matsuo for making the pant muslins for the workshop!

Woven pant pattern here.

Yoga pant pattern here.