‘Twas the night before Halloween and through the whole school,
the students were asking, “A witch or a ghoul?”
For the minutes were ticking, the parties still pending,
the costumes not done yet, the options ne’er ending!

Sound scary? And a little too familiar? Don’t worry! With your creativity and sewing skills, 24 hours is more than enough time to create a great costume! Here are a few sources for ideas:

Vogue turns to the movies for inspiration with these 11 possibilities—all of which use clothes and accessories you may already have!

There’s no need to be Clueless about your costume. Check your closet and see what pieces you can put together to go as a character like Alicia Silverstone’s Cher from the 1995 classic. Photo: Everett Collection
Here is Vogue’s take on Cher’s best-known outfit. Photo: Vogue.com

Hello Giggles has 13 lucky ideas for you—pulled mostly from Instagram. Once again it’s likely you have some or all of the ingredients you need to cook up most of these concepts.

What could be easier than this Rosie the Riveter costume, modeled here by Instagrammer VanessaThat’sWho. We know you can do it!

It’s all about puns for Real Simple, which provides a whopping 22 silly—and easy-to-pull-off—concepts here.

Ghouls and goblins have been done to death (pun intended). Why not go for something that will really blow your friends away, like a ceiling fan? Photo: James Wojcik

Have a safe and fun time tomorrow, and please share your party pics on IG using the hashtag #canadafashionhalloween !