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Ronda takes in the sights and some fresh sea air on the island of Capri. Looking good, Ronda!

Our adventurous department head Ronda Chaney recently took a well-deserved jaunt over to the island of Capri, after teaching the Italian fashion course (see video here) in Florence for two weeks. And it got us thinking about the many connections between Capri and fashion. If these connections aren’t immediately leaping to mind, hop on board the ferry from Naples to Capri, and we’ll show you!

The Capri Pant
For a lot of us, this close-fitting, cropped pant has become a wardrobe staple. But where did the ubiquitous Capri pant originate? According to Fashion Trends Daily the pant is, indeed, named after the island of Capri, located just off the southwest coast of Italy near Naples. Sonja de Lennart is credited with coming up with the design in 1948. However the term “Capri pant” wasn’t used until 1952, according to Merriam-Webster.

Grace Kelly was one of the first celebrities to wear Capri pants.
Audrey Hepburn was also photographed many times in Capris. The popularity of the style took off and has continued to this day.
We just have one question: Do you think it’s a coincidence that the island of Capris is found just above the “ankle” of the boot of Italy?

Pucci Prints
The illustrious designer Emilio Pucci opened his first boutique not in Italy’s well-known fashion centers—Milan, Florence or even Rome—but on the island of Capri. He was tremendously inspired by the natural beauty of the island, and brought it’s casual lifestyle and vibrant colors into his work. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his unmistakable textiles. The colors found on Capri are intoxicating, as are Pucci’s nearly psychedelic prints.

Capri Fashion Today
These days the fashion vibe on the island of Capri is still casual but stylish and perhaps more varied than in the past.

You’re as likely to see a flowy skirt, like this one worn by Karlie Kloss, when strolling the streets of Capri as you are a cropped pant. [Photo credit not available.]
European brand Capritouch* is known mostly for their sandals but they also carry, you guessed it, several Capri pant designs!

A modern take on the Capri pant.

*The Cañada College Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising does not endorse this or any other brand. Photos and links are provided for educational purposes only.

What do you think? Was the Capri pant named in part because the island is located just above the “ankle” of Italy’s whimsical boot shape? Vote yes or no in the comments.