Last Friday faculty, staff, family members and friends of the department all gathered to celebrate our students’ achievements. And what achievements they were—from degrees and certificates, to scholarships and contest prizes!

The Cocktail Dress Challenge winners were finally revealed, after entries were carefully scrutinized by a panel of 32 judges. The judging panel consisted of Cañada professors from both inside and outside the department, as well as our Advisory Board members. Criteria for judging included creativity of design, quality of construction, use of fabrics from the mystery packages, and adherence to the contest theme.

Here are just a few highlights of many from the celebration:

Our five Cocktail Dress Challenge finalists! From Left to Right: Billy Lash (2nd Place), Ping Mathre (1st Place), Neta Levi (2nd Place, not pictured), Johanna Jay (2nd Place) and Linda Imlay (3rd Place). That’s right—three of our contestants tied for 2nd!
Ashley Weiss only just started learning sewing and fashion, but look what she was able to create!
Meghana Manjunath sewed all the black sequins onto her asymmetrical bodice by hand! She described the process, saying that it took her about two and a half full days to complete this one design feature.
Sally-Ann Rudd decided to make the most of the sequined fabric that came in her mystery bundle rather than hide it. We think she did a splendid job!
It was standing—and sitting—room only as students listened with interest to the contestants’ presentations.
Audience members at the tea didn’t need drum rolls to eagerly anticipate each and every announcement.
Student Talia Findley wasn’t present when her certificate in Fashion Design Technical, Apparel Industry was announced, so her dad accepted it for her. What a heart-warming moment!
Molly Dagnelie accepted her Theater Costuming and Fashion Design Technical Apparel Industry certificates (that’s right, two of them!) to exuberant cheers and a raucous round of applause.
Billy’s mom couldn’t be prouder of her son’s achievements. And the two of them couldn’t be any cuter! Am I right?!
Mother and daughter Leslie and Emily Abrams are both Cañada fashionistas. Here they proudly display mom’s contest creation with a removable overskirt!