Today is Fashion Revolution Day and the beginning of Fashion Revolution Week. Five years ago today, 1,135 people died when a clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed. The so-called Rana Plaza disaster was a wake-up call for the fashion industry and for consumers. It was clear we all needed to think more about who made our clothes and what their working conditions were like.

Mehera Shaw may have made your clothes.

Since then the Fashion Revolution movement has grown, and millions of people are now taking part. Here’s what you can do to participate and bring more attention to this issue:

  1. Look at the tags in your clothes and notice where they were made.
  2. Wear an item of clothing inside-out. People are bound to ask you about it, leading to conversations about the importance of social responsibility in fashion.
  3. Post to your social media channels, asking a particular fashion brand or retailer (using the @ symbol) #WhoMadeMyClothes? Even better, post a photo of yourself holding a sign with the same message. Make your own or download the official sign here.
  4. Send an email to a fashion brand expressing your concern and asking “Who made my clothes?” Find a sample email here.
  5. Check out the Fashion Transparency Index and see how your favorite brands measure up. If their report card is less than stellar, ask them what’s up.
This young lady may have picked the cotton used to make your clothes.

All these years after Rana Plaza, people still work in unacceptable conditions. As fashion leaders and conscious consumers, we have the power to change that.

It’s up to each one of us to ask this question and make sure we get answers. More socially responsible brands will be happy to tell you.

Lots more info and downloadable materials here.