If you’re a student in the Cañada College fashion department, you’re probably already familiar with the “free table.” But if you’re not a regular in the department, you may not be aware of the magical countertop and the many treasures that can be found there. Here our students share their favorite tales of free table good fortune.

Paige Mughannam found the white fabric for the tuxedo shirt shown here on the free table. She also found some bunny buttons but is waiting for the right project to use them.
Billy Lash admits that he’s taken enough fabric from the free table to fill the back of his car. Recently he found some beautiful silks that he plans to use for jacket linings in Advanced Tailoring.
Barbara Lee once found three yards of “very pretty” purple fabric. She made two jackets from that fabric, and a coordinating kimono top from a purple polka-dot material. Her finds inspired her to donate six yards of a black and white print, which ended up being used in the hallway displays outside the department classrooms. Thanks, Barbra!
Adriana Cruz has found “piles of fabric” on the free table—enough that she has made a rule for herself. If she doesn’t use a piece of fabric for six months, she brings it back for someone else to use.
Amber Pascal has found zippers, bias tape and other last-minute essentials on the free table—all “good in a pinch,” like when mid-term projects are due.

If you’ve never visited the free table, do, and consider giving as well as getting some garment-friendly goodies! You’ll be reducing your stash (while making room for new finds), helping our students and preventing waste! But please note: All donations must be pre-approved by department staff.

Do you have a free table success story? Tell us about it in the comments!