If you’ve ever visited the Cañada College bookstore, you’ve probably seen Faamanu Noa, who has worked there for 13 years! These days you may also see her around the fashion department.

Faamanu signed up for Beginning Construction this semester because she “wanted to take something fun.” She had also just purchased her first sewing machine and wanted to learn how to use it. Faamanu has completed her t-shirt project, which she says was quite challenging. She customized her tee by color-blocking and altering the pattern for a perfect fit! Fellow student and classroom aide Billy Lash recalls “She was a sport through it all!”

Next semester Faamanu plans to take another fashion class but hasn’t decided which one yet. She has heard that Flat Pattern would be a logical next step, but she is also interested in Techniques of Fit. One day she wants to take Visual Merchandising, which she thinks will help her do her job at the bookstore even better.

Next time you see Faamanu, say hello and ask her how it’s going!