ZigZag Pattern Company launched late last year. For owner and designer Christine Groom, the launch couldn’t come soon enough. “My head is crazy full of designs just waiting to get out,” she exclaims.

Jackets are Christine’s passion, so it’s not surprising that the first ZigZag pattern released is a jacket. The Rosita, as she calls it, fits many body types and can be made in a wide range of fabrics, including knits as well as wovens. Christine has made seven Rosita jackets to test the pattern with different fabrics and in multiple sizes. “I’m trying to make patterns that will fit multiple bodies easily,” Christine explains. “I want my clients to come back.”

Hart’s Fabrics in Santa Cruz is now carrying the Rosita jacket pattern, and Britex has also agreed to sell ZigZag patterns. Christine’s goal is to get two more patterns out this year, including a multi-layered tank and another jacket.

Christine has a long history with the Cañada College fashion department, going back to 2008, when she decided she needed more fun in her life. After spending years working in the corporate world, “I didn’t remember what fun was,” Christine recalls. A friend encouraged her to join the American Sewing Guild. There she met Ronda Chaney, head of the fashion department, who invited her to try a class at Cañada.

Although Christine already had a fashion degree, she started with the beginning sewing class, then Techniques of Fit. She “became a nut” about fit and decided to assist the class in order to be able to keep learning more about it. Next was Flat Pattern, which got Christine really excited. Making her own patterns had always been a goal and, as she explains it: “Once I moved that first dart to a new location, I was hooked!”

Christine also makes custom creations for a select group of private clients. Just this week she consulted with a woman who needed something special to wear to her daughter’s wedding. “I asked her what she already had that she could re-work,” Christine reports. “She hadn’t thought of that.” Christine enjoys helping clients re-style a quality garment they already own it into something else. “That’s my favorite type of sewing,” she declares.

Christine’s “re-fashions,” as she calls them, have been published in Altered Couture magazine ten times. “But I’m giving that a rest right now,” she says. Christine has a pattern company to run!

Christine’s patterns can be purchased here or through her website.

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  • I purchased the jacket pattern and just love it. After going to Britex to purchase just the right material for me, I’m now ready to get started making this beautiful jacket. So excited to get started.

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