Glitter hose, puffer jackets and mini-purses. Oh, my!

New York Fashion Week, one of the biggest fashion events in the world, started last week and continues through the 16th of this month. Unfortunately a number of us had to RSVP “with regrets” to all the big designers who invited us. (The weather has been too nice in California!) Since we couldn’t be there in person, here’s what the fashion pundits have to say about the trends for Autumn/Winter 2018 Ready-to-Wear or A/W18 RTW if you’re cool. And we know for a fact that you’re cool.

One of the big trends for fall is “statement hosiery” including glitter socks and brightly colored tights. More on this trend here.

Brightly colored hose are a big trend for fall/winter 2018. (Jeremy Scott collection. Photo by Imaxtree)
Glitter tights are also about to step off the runway and into our lives, come fall. (Ulla Johnson A/W18 RTW collection. Photo: Ulla Johnson)
Some of the looks seen on the street have rivaled those on the runway. (Photo: Guy Lee, Hypebeast)

Leaving the runway for a moment and looking instead at what NYFW attendees have been wearing, we see the latest trends applied in the real world. Here are a few:

The puffer coat is big … literally. Length and color vary quite a bit. (Photo: Daniel Zucknik, Getty Images)
The “mini purse” is predicted to be a big hit this fall. Really? What are we supposed to do with all our stuff?! (Photo: Daniel Zucknik, Getty Images)












The color palette for fall is really two palettes at least, including classic and trendy. From the classic group: Almond Buff and Quiet Gray. Among the trendier bunch: the much louder Valiant Poppy and Quetzal Green. (More info here.)

The more classic palette includes familiar tones like this Almond Buff. (Heaven forbid we call it beige.)
Quiet Gray sounds like its going to whisper style ever so gently into your wardrobe. Aaaah.






Another of the more trendy colors for fall is this Quetzal Green, named after the Quetzal bird found in Central America.



Bolder color trends for 2018 include this Valiant Poppy. Kapow!