Field trips where you get to snoop through treasure troves of costumes, peer over the shoulders of costume designers and stitchers as they work, and come up with your own concept for a costume for the stage, a film, or a TV show! Sounds fun, right? If so, Introduction to the Costume Industry may be the class for you.

Instructor and expert costumer Judy Jackson has this to say about the course:

“I love being able to introduce students to the possibilities that exist for them in the area of theater costuming. We visit a number of costume shops and speak with the professionals who work there.”

A group of students walks through the impressive costume shop for TheatreWorks Silicon Valley. The amount of planning that goes into a single show is staggering.

Judy walks her class through aisles of costumes and pulls out examples showing special construction methods and other details. “The students really love seeing what costumes look like up close and from the inside out,” she explains. “There are some interesting differences between what we do in standard clothing construction and in costumes for the stage.”

Judy shows students the details of a military-style jacket made for the Lamplighters production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore.
Another stop is the costume shop for American Conservatory Theater. What fun to get to see the costumes up close and imagine wearing—or making—them!

There is classroom time, too, including presentations by students of their own designs. Judy describes the assignment in more detail:

“Students also get a chance to try their hand at designing a costume. They learn all about what goes into researching a design. I love to see the creativity that comes from this class!”

A student’s sketch of her concept for an Olive Oyl costume.

This class will be offered again this coming spring. Don’t wait to register! Course #: FASH 40508. More information here.