Thanksgiving presents a unique fashion challenge: It’s a time when family and friends gather—people you may see only once a year. And there are usually plenty of cell phones out with everyone and their grandma (literally) taking pics and posting them. So you want to look cute, BUT … it’s also a feast—usually of epic proportions and portions!

So what’s a fashion-conscious babe or dude like you to do?

Here are some ideas:

An empire waist can be very forgiving. It’s a feminine look that flatters the bust while leaving room for a second helping of mashed potatoes.
A loose sweater dress is a cozy and comfy option that can accommodate a substantial meal.


A swing dress like this one is hip and fun while making it possible to have your pumpkin pie and eat it too!


For the guys: I know what you’re thinking. An elastic waist band? No way! But you have to admit these denim joggers—with moto details—don’t compromise on style. Way.


Okay. So overalls may be going a bit too far. You might as well show up with a bucket and a shovel with a sign that reads “Fill ‘er up!” But a cute overall-inspired dress like this one is more likely to draw the eye to those ravishing legs of yours than to your mid-section.

What do you plan to wear to Thanksgiving dinner this year? Any turkey day tricks we forgot? Do tell. Our style—and our appetites—depend on it!