Sherri has many loyal customers, who have followed her from one location to another. She is proud of the fact that after she and Brad work on a client’s machine, they frequently say, “My machine has never sounded this good!”

Long-time Cañada fashion student and department ally Sherri Stratton knows her stuff when it comes to sewing machines and sergers! Sherri has been a sewing machine sales person for many years and opened her own shop, Serge-A-Lot, five years ago in San Francisco. She and husband Brad carry many brands and sell both new and used machines. They also repair machines of all types. But what Sherri loves best is teaching people how to use their machines.

Sherri points out that we home sewists are “emulating with one or two machines what a factory does with 20.” So it’s no wonder we run into challenges. Sergers, in particular, can be daunting even to experienced sewists. “A lot of people are afraid of their sergers,” Sherri observes. Her goal is to help her customers get over their fears and dive in. Sherri has developed a “Serger Bail-out” workbook to help people feel more in charge of their machines.

Sherri likes to make garments that show off the many features of the machines she carries. This embroidery sample was even more impressive in person!
Sherri proudly shows the binder she created for the Flat Pattern class years ago. She keeps it on-hand at her shop and says she refers to it often.

Sherri, who began teaching herself to sew when she was nine years old, was first introduced to the Cañada program by her daughter Tammi in 2007. Tammi, who eventually earned her A.A. in Fashion Design & Merchandising, convinced her mom to take Flat Pattern with her. After that Sherri was hooked. She is now only four credits away from earning her Technical certificate and hopes to wrap that up soon. One of her big take-aways from the program: “I learned that you design better in a team.”

Serge-A-Lot is located at 1949 Ocean Ave. in San Francisco. Learn more at

Serge-A-Lot carries some pretty fancy machines, including this one that replicates the look of Sashiko-type hand stitching.
Serge-A-Lot also offers long arm service to quilters.
Disclosure: Sherri donated a Baby Lock Jet Air Threading Eclipse DXII to our department earlier this month. Thank you, Sherri!