New York Fashion Week is just over a month away and, with it, the Spring/Summer 2018 collections from all the big designers. What new looks can we expect, and what trends may have run their course?

Here’s what industry experts and our students are saying:

We’ll see a wide range of colors in women’s clothing next year. Here is one likely palette, according to the fashion pundits. Photo Credit: WCF
Bright, almost-primary colors are also a predicted color trend for women’s fashion next spring and summer. Photo Credit: WCF
Fashion forecaster WCF predicts “water bleed florals” in 2018.
We’ll see sophisticated tribal prints like these next spring and summer, according to WCF.
Men’s fashion week has already happened, so we know an unapologetic 80s redux is a sure thing for the guys. Photo Credit: GQ
Men’s denim will strike a Goldilocks-type happy medium: not too light and not too dark. Photo: GQ
Bridal: The bridal shows too have already had their moment in the runway spotlight. So we know precisely what’s coming. One trend: Who says brides have to wear white? Design by Jenny Packham. Photo Credit:
Another trend many brides will welcome: pockets! Design by Jenny Packham. Photo Credit:
Sallyann is hoping for a more elegant return to the 1980s: “80s silhouette, puff sleeves, full sleeves, wider shoulder than we’ve seen in the last decade or so. Think: Dynasty, Alexis Carrington, Princess Diana.”—Sallyann Rudd
Brigitte is OVER this look: “… crop jackets with classic skirts, showing bellies. Really don’t like that look.”—Brigitte de Valois

What are your predictions for Spring/Summer 2018?