Have you ever had an item of clothing you loved so much you just couldn’t part with it, no matter how threadbare it got? Or maybe you have a garment that fits great, but you never really liked the color. If so Copying Ready to Wear is a great class for you! Taught by expert pattern maker Lynda Maynard, the course gives students a chance to make patterns from those old beloved pieces and create new garments from them.

Below are photos from the session currently underway. Although this particular class is no longer open, it will come around again. In the meantime, there are many other classes that are still open for fall. Department head Ronda Chaney has one suggestion: “For those who wish to refresh their sewing skills, we recommend Beginning Clothing Construction (FASH 110). Even experienced sewers tell us they continue to learn new techniques from that class.” Click here for more information about fall classes.

A client asked Lynda to make a pattern from a favorite pair of pants. Although it was a simple garment, there were some tricky areas.
Lynda demonstrates how to create a pattern from an existing jacket. Precision is key.
A student uses a ruler to be sure her grainline marking is straight.
Creating a new garment from an old one is a painstaking process, but it’s well worth it. The best part is you already know you’ve got a winner before you start!
Students mark their grain lines using contrasting basting thread.