Teacher Appreciation Week: May 8-12

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week, and what better time to recognize our own teachers here at the Cañada fashion department? Here’s what our students had to say when asked how the faculty members have impacted them:

“I have experienced ‘a-ha!’ moments in every class taken in Canada College’s Fashion Department.  Learning techniques I wish I knew a long time ago and that have vastly accelerated my sewing and design abilities. But if you ask me why I still take classes, it’s for a different reason. The department, as a whole, provides for an environment encouraging thought, discussion and experimentation. The energy amongst the students and staff is positively infectious and addictive. The instructors here are top notch, open, welcoming and approachable while in class and long after a student has moved on. I feel like I’ve made lifelong connections with every instructor. “—Christine Groom

Ronda Chaney

“Ronda has helped me understand how each person has an individual style and how to appreciate that style. She helps each person discover who they are and how to shine. Now people watching and style watching is more fun than ever. And I deeply appreciate how she’s helped me discover my own style.”—Barbara Kossy

“Ronda lives in my head when I’m sewing, when I make a mistake instead of thinking ways to cover it up and continue, I think What would Ronda do? And I know she would rip it out and do it properly. Looking at Ronda’s extensive garment selection with the original patterns has made me spend more time planning details like buttonholes and pockets so my order of construction is correct and efficient. I also love the way Ronda always takes the time to notice if you are wearing something you’ve made, her appreciation and notice really encourages me to make more things, wear them with pride, and tell other people how good their projects look too!”—Sally-Ann Rudd

Kathleen McCarney

“Kathleen [McCarney] has a special super power in teaching Fashion Illustration to non drawers! She always finds something positive to say and then gives helpful instructions! Never letting a student feel ridiculous! She is always compassionate! And as a result, I felt confident enough to sign for Advanced Illustration!”—Shawn Lorette Sheahan


Kathleen Lorist

“Kathleen [Lorist] and the fact that she had a successful career before she became a sewing teacher also inspires me to think that there’s always a second or third or fourth act in your life.”— Sally-Ann Rudd

“I always want my hand-made clothes to look like Peggy’s which are always impeccable. I frequently can’t figure out if she made it or bought it. I asked her once if she has some tips for making a perfect collar stand (the collar stand on that grey shirt she has is so perfect that … I couldn’t stop looking at it. Her reply was something along the lines of ‘Just make one 25 times and it will be perfect.'”—Sally-Ann Rudd

Peggy Perruccio

“Linda Maynard: I love her no-nonsense style and the bold way when fitting she just rips and pins muslins. It’s made me more confident about ripping and pinning to make a good fit.”—Sally-Ann Rudd

Linda Maynard
Wayne Wichern

“I have always wanted to be an artist but did not know where to start. Thanks to the instructors in the fashion department I gained the skills to realize my dream of starting my own art business.”—Michelle Paganini

“Between Ronda Chaney, Kathleen McCarney, and Judy Jackson, one cannot miss the dedication to teaching precision within the Cañada College Fashion Department.  Their commitment to training students using stitching, illustration, pattern work, and design sampling techniques, results in exceptional classroom experiences and develops lifelong practices for success in the industry.”—Elizabeth Jonas

 Learn more about our faculty here.

Edith Schneider
MaryLou Lange
Judy Jackson