Billie Lash, First Place winner of the Red Carpet Challenge, receives a hug from faculty member Peggy Perruccio.
Pinkies up for graduating students, scholarship awardees and contest winners of 2017! Between the delicious cookies, delicate teacups and formal gowns displayed during the fashion department’s spring tea last Friday, surely even the Queen of England would have approved.


Red Carpet Contest Winners:
1st Place – Billy Lash
2nd Place – Sheralee Beebe
3rd Place – Ping Mathre
4th Place – Adam Charron
4th Place – Linda Imlay

The following students also received their fashion degrees and certificates:

 Associate of Science (A.S.) Degrees:

Shelley Ann Stevens—Fashion Design: Custom Dressmaking/Small Business, Fashion Design: Technical
Lucinda L. Strangegroth—Fashion Design: Custom Dressmaking/Small Business
Reta Pearl Keller—Fashion Merchandising
Angelamia Pineda—Fashion Merchandising
Cindy Maiko Streitenberger—Fashion Merchandising
Jose Manuel Rodriguez—Fashion Design: Technical
Laura Garduno Gonzalez—Fashion Design: Custom Dressmaking/Small Business
Talia Maris Findley—Fashion Design:  Theater Costuming

Talia Maris Findley
Rozella ‘Rosie’ Soriana

Brigitte deValois—Fashion Design:  Custom Dressmaking/Small Business, Fashion Design:  Technical
Laura Garduno Gonzalez—Fashion Design:  Custom Dressmaking/Small Business
Christina Loukianoff—Fashion Merchandising
Laini Katheiser—Fashion Design:  Theater Costuming
Judy Dauberman—Fashion Design:  Custom Dressmaking/Small Business
Lenore Española—Fashion Merchandising
Erzhena Shirabon—Fashion Merchandising
Jeanette Woods—Fashion Merchandising
Jose Manuel Rodriguez—Fashion Design:  Technical
Danielle Felten—Fashion Design:  Theater Costuming
Nora Holt—Fashion Design:  Theater Costuming

Jeanette Woods
Jose Manuel Rodriguez
Lenore Española
And 10 worthy students were given scholarships in the amount of $1,000. These funds come from the Artistry in Fashion event, held every fall.  (Be there Sept. 23! More info here.)

Scholarship Awardees:

  1. Alexandra ‘Caitlin’ Thomas
  2. Barbara Lee
  3. Ping Mathre
  4. Christine Liu
  5. Mary Wilmes
  6. Molly Dagenelle
  7. Rozella ‘Rosie’ Soriana
  8. Linda Imlay
  9. Miguel Duran
  10. William“Billie” Lash

Congratulations, one and all!