In the bird world it’s the males who typically have bright-colored feathers, while the females tend to be some lackluster version of brown or grey. In fact in many species, the males have more interesting and colorful traits than the females. (Think of the long red coats of male orangutans or impressive antlers on male deer or bucks.) So why do men’s clothes always seem so boring?

“Men need the opportunity to express themselves as much as women,” asserts former Cañada fashion student Elizabeth Jonas. Jonas works at corsetry shop Dark Garden in San Francisco, where the clientele includes men. “Men used to be much more peacocky,” she notes. “We’ve gotten into this rigid idea of masculinity.”

But men’s styles are changing, and more guys are adopting fashion-forward looks. Roughly a dozen Cañada students traveled to Florence, Italy last summer, where they saw first-hand the dazzling clothing and accessories on display at Pitti Immagine Uomo, the most famous men’s fashion expo in the world. Vibrant shoes, jaunty bowties and natty hats were the norm there. And beards. Lots of beards.

The most recent edition of The Economist featured a cover story on Pitti Uomo called Dandyland. The article contains striking photos of some of the men spotted there, whose foppish looks included an “aggressively orange” overcoat, a teal cape and a head-to-toe red plaid suit.

The “dandies” of Pitti Immagine Uomo. (Photo: The Economist)

The Trendspotter recently called out the most notable trends seen at the Fall 2017 fashion weeks in New York, Paris and Milan. Apparently bandanas, tied around the neck, were a common sight, as were bomber jackets of every hue. View all 10 trends here.

Wearing a bandana as a neckerchief is a men’s fashion trend for 2017. Hey, guys: Could there be an easier way to update your look? (Photo:

Vogue noticed other trends including lots of quilted pieces and a type of double-breasted jacket “ripped straight from the 80s.” View them here.

The runways saw lots of quilted pieces for men this year. (Photo:

Whatever your tastes, I think all can agree it’s time for men’s fashion to step out of the grey zone and into the limelight.


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