Cañada’s Fashion Design and Merchandising Program takes a balanced approach with its course offerings—some more theoretical and others more hands-on. Students gain both competence and confidence learning the practical skills taught in Intermediate Construction. While a hard hat is not required, a complete set of quality sewing tools is essential, and students put every one of them to use over the course of the semester. During each class session, students complete another sample (or two), including different types of collars, seams, zippers and more. By the end of the semester, they have a binder of samples they can refer to for years to come when technical sewing questions arise.

This PJ top couldn’t be more classic.
Students experiment with different lengths.
A bright-colored print lets this student’s personality shine through.
A bias-cut pocket adds visual interest as well as function.
Why not make a pair of matching shorts … and a friend, while you’re at it?

The first project students undertake for the class is a pajama top, which they can modify to be a camp shirt for daytime wear instead. Students start out with the same pattern, but the results are always remarkably different from one another. Here are a few recent examples: