You’re studying fashion design … or you’re thinking about it. And either a family member or a friend has asked you, “What will do when you graduate?” If Project Runway and Vogue magazine are your only exposure to the industry, the world of fashion may look like it’s made up of only designers and models. But there are so many more opportunities out there, and all types of skills are needed! lists over 200 fashion industry job titles!

A few you may not have thought of:

    1. Pattern Maker
    2. Designer Assistant
    3. Manufacturer’s Representative
    4. Theater or Film Costumer
    5. Buyer
    6. Stylist
    7. Brand Strategist
    8. Event Planner

Of course some of these jobs may require degrees and/or experience beyond the certificate you’re earning now, but one step at a time, right?

Some other sources of info about careers in fashion include:

Capable stylists are essential for any fashion photo shoot or runway show.

With all the innovation going on in fashion, there are sure to be even more careers emerging in the near future. Maybe you’ll invent a new one, yourself!


A play wouldn’t make it to the stage, nor a film to the movie theater, without an expert costume designer.