Too many denim shirts? A closet clean-out can reveal duplicate items that may be able to go.
Wait a minute! How did I end up with no black pants? Time to shop but more strategically this time!


Taking all your clothes out of the closet and laying them out where you can see them can help you assemble outfits you never thought of before.

One of the first assignments you’ll receive when you take Intermediate Construction may surprise you. It’s the project known as the “closet clean-out.” Students are asked to take an inventory of their clothing and reorganize it. The purpose is for students to determine their clothing needs and thus their sewing projects for the semester. Although it may not be the most glamorous task, it is a fascinating exercise, as students who’ve done it can testify:

I honestly have been having so much fun trying different combinations and styles without having to buy anything new.”—Rozella Soriano

After many years of collecting without discarding much, it’s a bit challenging for some:

I ripped everything out of my closet, piling it on the floor, half way up to the ceiling.”—Gretchen Boettcher

But the clean-out helps students decide what they want to focus on with their sewing:

As I build my skills as a better seamstress, I would like to create garments that are unique, one-of-a-kind items that I can wear to special occasions.”—Cynthia Sartori

My sewing projects will be for tops, casual jackets, and projects that I feel will enhance and challenge my sewing skills.”—Cathy Imbler

Once you’ve done this assignment and completed your new just-for-you pieces in class, you should end up with a wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle and includes garments that work together. One thing is certain: You’ll never look at your closet—or your clothes—the same way again!

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