Teen Author Teaches Others How to Sew

Angela modeling one of her creations in two creative ways.
The lovely and talented Angela Lan. Keep your eye on her, readers. She’s going places!
Angela’s book, which teaches beginners how to sew and is designed especially for teens.
Find a need and fill it. It’s the first rule of entrepreneurship and many have done it before, but not many 13 year olds. Angela Lan went to the library looking for a book about sewing and found a few. But none of them featured styles she would want to sew or wear.

“The books I found showed you how to make a pillowcase or only had styles for adults,” she recalls.

Angela “always loved writing” and had sewn since the third grade. So she set out to write her own book (you know, like ya’ do). The title is #OOTD, which stands for Outfit of the Day and is written specifically with teens in mind. It contains classic yet current designs that will help the modern teenage girl make her “dream wardrobe.” The 100-plus-page book covers all the basics — from essential supplies to sewing a seam. The designs include her Skater Dress, High-waisted Skinnies and her personal favorite, The Boxy Crop Top.

The best part is Angela has included patterns for her designs right in the book. “That was non-negotiable,” she explains. She made sure she found a publisher that could accommodate her wish and supply her readers with usable patterns, not force them to print them out and piece them together. C&T Publishing, a company with many quilting, knitting and crochet titles, agreed and even graded (sized) the patterns for her.

Angela didn’t stop there, however. She secured a sponsor, approaching fabrics.com and asking if they would supply fabric for her project. To her credit and delight, they said yes!

Now 14, Angela is the youngest student enrolled in fashion courses at Cañada. This semester she is taking on three classes on top of her full-time high school program, piano practice and SAT prep. “I’m not a typical kid,” Angela admits. “I always wanted to do extra projects in school.”

So far her time at Cañada has been very positive, she reports. “It was all new to me, but I felt really welcomed. Ronda [Chaney] gave me great advice and was really helpful.”

Angela’s natural hunger for learning will serve her well in reaching her goals of starting her own fashion line, owning a company and eventually becoming editor of a major fashion magazine. True to her entrepreneurial approach, she plans to bring something new to the publishing world as well: “I want to fill the gap between high- and low-end.”

So if there’s something you want to see in the world that doesn’t already exist, who better than you to make it happen? Angela’s advice: “As long as your heart is in it, you can accomplish it.” She also recommends finding a mentor. “There’s always someone there willing to help if you’re willing to listen.” Wise words from a talented young woman.

Find Angela’s book at http://www.ctpub.com/ootd-outfit-of-the-day-sew-style/ or ask for it at your favorite book seller.