We’re just wrapping up our classes for Fall 2016. Registration is open for Spring 2017 and classes start on January 17.

We sat with the current class and asked them what we were surprised to learn this semester. Here’s some of their insights:

  • You need good undergarments and foundation garments. The fit changes with different foundations!
  • I loved how unique and different everyone’s bodies were. We all had quirks.
  • Sometimes when adjusting and fixing one problem, another one would crop up!
  • Accuracy matters.
  • I loved learning more about my own body and shape.
  • I learned a lot from watching the changes made on people that had different body types than me.
  • It made me appreciate how clothes fit. When I’m out purchasing something ready-t0-wear I can tell why it isn’t fitting.
  • There is plenty of humor along the way!

Cañada Fashion Department

One comment

  • It was quite revealing. I found out that the area I thought was a problem wasn’t and one I didn’t think of was the problem. Weird how it works.

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