Current student, Gary Goldstein, came to our department after completing a degree at FIDM. He was encouraged by our instructor Lynda Maynard to continue his education through our classes. In addition Gary loves the community Cañada Fashion and Merchandising Department offers.

Gary is currently taking our Advanced Tailoring class and created a truly one-of-a-kind jacket. The idea was born as Gary helped his family clean out his uncle’s things. His uncle had been an avid coin collector and as they sorted through his items, Gary found money bags. The bags were old, dirty, torn, and wrinkled. After multiple washings and pressings, Gary got to work creating his vision. He repaired rips with the thread the bags had been held together with. He stitched opened bags together to make pieces large enough for the patterns to be cut from.

Gary has a few requests and hopes to create something for his mother, his uncle’s sister, with the remaining bags he has. He is considering sourcing more money bags, or even flour, bean, or rice bags for future creations.

His ultimate fashion goal is to create a small company starting in men’s shirts and expanding from there.

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