Current student Eva Carrijo had a fabulous internship this summer with Cañada instructor, Judy Jackson, and Lamplighters. We were pleased to catch up with Eva for an interview about her internship experience and goals.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): Which degrees are you working towards?
Eva Carrijo (EC): All of them: Technical – Apparel Industry Oriented, Theater Costuming, Custom Dressmaking/Small Business, Fashion Merchandising

CFD: What are your ultimate fashion goals?
EC: To open a non-profit organization to help teens after school with a program that uses up-cycled materials incorporating arts into sewing.

CFD: Where did you intern and what did you do?
EC: I intern at the Lamplighter’s theater. I worked on sewing costumes for the Mikado show using Italian Renaissance inspirations.

CFD: How did you classes prepare you for your internship?
EC: My Cañada College Fashion Department classes prepared me very well. Over the years, I’ve collected several samples and notes from my classes that still helps me to sew the best way possible. I still use Ms. Ronda Chaney’s hands on practices taught in class.

CFD: What did you learn at your internship?
EC: The most important lesson was how important and fun team work is! It fascinates me to see the interactions in a cooperative way where everyone is well engaged working towards the same goals, how important it is to have a professional iron and how much I love costuming!
Some of the techniques I learned were: couture sewing (thanks to Melissa), flat lining, grommeting, use of industrial blind machine, how to adapt and transform patterns, how to sew a gusset, and more. I also learned how back stage set up and changes work, how the costumes come alive with the actors/actresses, and so much more.

CFD: Any fun stories?
EC: I think it is funny that how I couldn’t even sew a dart when I came to Cañada College but thanks to my wonderful friend Christine who stayed after class to teach me. That is the spirit of this incredible community!

CFD: Anything else you might like to add?
EC: I will be forever thankful to Judy Jackson for referring me to this wonderful internship at the Lamplighter’s theater. Not only did I learned a lot, but I had a chance to work with pretty amazing people including designer: Miriam Lewis (former Cañada Student) and her team. I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.

You can view images on the Lamplighter’s Facebook page here. Thank you so much for your time, Eva. We love what you’ve shared with us and cannot wait to see where the your Cañada education and experiences lead you next.