We recently checked in with former student, Kelly Bennett and learned about her current position with Le Tote.

Cañada Fashion Department (CFD): Which degrees from the Cañada Fashion Department did you earn?
Kelly Bennett (KB): AS in Technical Sewing, Custom Dressmaking, Theatrical Costuming

CFD: What is your ultimate fashion goal?
KB:  Technical Design and financial independence (!!)

CFD: How did Cañada prepare you for your current job?
KB: I gained so much technical knowledge and that gave me the confidence to negotiate my position, and even just to apply for jobs that I might otherwise feel under-qualified for. I’m more ready to take on large challenges and rise to the occasion. It’s the only way! Having worked now in the industry for a couple years, I’m starting to realize what a strong training I got at Cañada. My skill set and technical know-how is leaps and bounds beyond what I’m encountering among other people in my work environment and it’s all thanks to the thoroughness of  the Cañada Fashion Department!

CFD: Wow! Thank you! What do you do in your current position?
KB: Wash test, fit assessment, and quality assessment of all new received styles. We have a fancy learning algorithm that fits garments to our customers, but the algorithm requires accurate measurements and fit information (stretchy? relaxed fit? heavy knit? etc) for all styles in order to do its thing. It relies on me to provide the best metrics possible. Wash test and QA information are also used to help our laundry team best care for garments once they come back from customers to ensure longevity of garments.

CFD: What internships or positions have you had, before le tote, and how did they prepare you for your current position?
KB: I interned with Giselle Shepatin, Dark Garden, and Lamplighters. The Introduction to the Fashion Industry class got me the internship with Giselle, who in turn helped me get my Dark Garden internship. And of course Judy Jackson hooked me up with Lamplighters. I think the most useful part of interning was learning how to work within a professional fashion/creative environment.

Thank you so much Kelly for your time. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you! Below you can see a panorama of Kelly’s work space!