We get so excited when our students complete our program and earn their certificates and degrees. One of the fun parts about celebrating our students’ successes is hearing their thoughts on the journey. Here are what some of our recent graduates have shared. We hope these will inspire you during this upcoming semester.

  • Seeing the fashion garments of my classmates and talking to them about their background and inspiration, invigorates me. Their diverse backgrounds amaze me: recent high school graduates, lawyers, engineers, medical professionals, artists in other media, and this list goes on. Making friends in the department is like making friends with the world.
  • I had never taken my sewing machine out of the box before I got here, now I can make patterns.
  • What I truly can’t wait for is to someday walk by a person wearing something I designed, and seeing them feeling happy and confident.
  • Amazing, fantastic, grueling, testing, eye-opening! I have loved all of the Fashion courses offered at Cañada. The classes really keep you WORKING towards your goals, and the outcome is a great proficiency in creativity.  You learn new skills, and the ways to realize them, and then your concepts and theories for potential design become truly limitless.
  • I have met several lifelong friends whom I can confer with creatively and otherwise over the last few years.
  • I use the knowledge obtained through this program daily at work as well as in my personal wardrobe choices. I am 100% sure that my education here will help me infinitely in my career goals.
  • While I could probably take fashion classes at another college, I don’t think I will find a department that will make me feel as at home as I am at Cañada.
  • I have made friends through the fashion department, and I can always count on them to inspire me and help me grow as both a designer and a person.
  • All of the classes build on each other and I often find that I am using skills from one class to help me work on the next.
  • I will continue learning. I love this stuff. I will always seek more experience and knowledge. The certificates represent the foundation that I will build on for the rest of my life.

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