Besides the classes we offer in the summer, consider these ideas to continue growing your skills.

  • Find and practice new sewing techniques.
  • Find and practice new pattern-making techniques.
  • Work on fitting a friend.
  • Go snoop shopping and find fun designer details. Then go home and try to emulate them.
  • Read a book on fashion.
  • Watch a movie and consider the fashion.
  • People watch in a busy place.
  • Go to a museum for inspiration from the artwork.
  • See a fashion exhibit at a museum.
  • Go shopping for fabric.
  • Repurpose an item of clothing you no longer wear.
  • Practice sketching and illustrating.
  • Try out a new tool.
  • Check out how your favorite store (fashion or not) merchandises their products.
  • Flip through a fashion magazine.
  • Connect with another student or two to discuss what you’ve learned.

Which ideas do you think you’ll use?